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As much as I admire what Leonard is trying to do, I have a big problem with the sentiment that personal change is not enough to make systemic change. That's precisely where systemic change comes from- people, not rules. While the idea of regulating is a good one, we've seen exactly where this goes wrong. The laws we already have in place don't keep people from killing, stealing, raping, selling drugs (etc, etc, etc)... And who gets to make up the rules? How long does that take? And since when is regulation impervious to corruption? 

Personal change falls short in part because of the gross number of people living without the luxury of thinking beyond their immediate needs. It would be great to see more effort and focus devoted to empowerment at this level instead of talking in circles about regulations with bodies who are already recognized as corrupt. 

It's not just about living 'green'. Finding ways that (yes, at an individual level) more of us can be more dependent on ourselves, and less dependent on this system altogether will be more effective than any regulation.

2 years, 5 months ago on Annie Leonard: Don't Just "Be the Change." Make Change!