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Here is a clear and concise appraisal of Florida's Amendment One. 

"Amendment 1 Health Care Services[1]:  (This amendment will add another section to the Constitution)  

This legislation is simply the people engaging in the right of the people to nullify unconstitutional federal law. (See Federalist Papers 33 & 64)  If this amendment passes, it could provide the state government with the courage necessary to facilitate the real solution: the governor and legislators to nullify this unconstitutional law through legislation. However, if it fails, it could have the opposite effect, which would be very bad.


Let’s look at what a YES vote will accomplish…

Would represent the expressed desire of Floridians to opt out of federal health care reform requirements.This would be an expression in support of nullification by the people of Florida.This may serve to embolden the Governor and the legislature to stand against the Healthcare Act as unconstitutional and support Liberty and work toward a state free from federal control.Would add language to the Florida Constitution some could argue is unconstitutional under the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution if determined by the courts to be in conflict with federal law.This assertion presented in this type of law suit would be based upon an improper interpretation of the Supremacy Clause.  In this circumstance, standing for what is constitutional and what is a true reflection of liberty is worth the chance of a law suit.Would prevent the Florida Legislature from passing health care coverage mandates."-

2 years, 5 months ago on Ten States Voting on Nullification Measures this Week