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Happy Birthday to you Leigh and that's a great thing to do for your birthday!  I'm sure that anyone who is eager to learn will want to take you up on this.  I'll be sure to think about who I can send your way as well.

Hope you have a wonderful day although I'm not sure when it really is but either way, make it a great one.

Have a wonderful week.


3 weeks, 3 days ago on Happy birthday to me! Have I got something for you!


@pvariel Hey Phil,

Sorry I haven't been back by but thank you so much for your comment.  You are too kind my friend but I appreciate what you shared.

Glad you agree with my three tips and I know that if you just stay true to yourself then you'll definitely be better off.

There will always be nasty people in this world unfortunately and I hate that they have to lash out at others at times but I'm just so blessed that he wasn't taken seriously due to my reputation so far online.  I'm sorry you've dealt with similar issues as well.  It's never a fun experience.

Thank you again Phil and I'm sorry I'm so late.  You take care and appreciate your comment.  Enjoy your week.


3 weeks, 3 days ago on Adrienne Smith – Personal Branding Spotlight


I can't say enough good things about you Carol. You always provide us with killer content and your posts.  How do you come up with so much great stuff!  You amaze me young lady.  I would love to be in your brain for just a day!  I'd have a big time.


I was never a cannonball kind of gal either.  I did learn to swim but then the neighborhood bully tried to drown me when I was six and the lifeguard thought he was kidding so he was late breaking my near death moment up.  Kind of made me not want to go back in the water again.


I guess that's also kind of the life I've lead.  Always sitting on the sidelines and never being the one to make that huge splash.  I think that's why some of the recognition I've received online has been rather shocking and totally unexpected to me.  Heck, I just enjoy helping people and never thought that would make a "splash".  I love it though, I won't lie.


You always get me to thinking about things from your posts.  I definitely have run across plenty of people who "know it all" and you can't even have a good conversation with them because they are "always" right.  I'm just wasting my breath.  Had one with someone a couple days ago.  Dang them...


Thanks Carol for another killer post and nice to visit Jenny's place.


You ladies enjoy what's left of the day!



1 year, 8 months ago on How's Your Cannonball? Lessons From The Edge Of The Pool.


Hey Leigh,

Wow, that's so cool that she nominated you and I agree that just that alone would make me jump for joy.

I admire you for just going for it.  I'm not that brave but at your age traveling wasn't important to me.  Oh sure, taking trips every now and then was fun but I lived with a Dad who fought illness my entire life so I wanted to remain close to my parents because of that.  Not that I haven't enjoyed my life but it's just been a different direction I guess.

We get to live through your adventures though and admire you for taking that leap of faith and looking back with no regrets.  Look where you are now and are able to share this journey with us.  Bravo Leigh, bravo.


4 weeks, 1 day ago on How telling your story empowers you! Plus, I’ll tell you mine.