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Thanks for addressing this topic Gini. Educating our clients to think differently about measurement has been an uphill battle, but definitely one that's worth fighting. We've tried to get them thinking more about measurement that's in line with the concepts outlined in the Barcelona Principles. For example, we'll evaluate success based on **metrics** such as audience reach, number of articles, share of voice, sentiment, key message alignment, expressed opinions of preference, etc.  We will often include vanity metrics (FB likes, shares, etc.) within these numbers as it is something our clients like to see. But then we go a step further and look at all the metrics in the context of **outcomes** such as visits to their website, queries from customers, RFI/RFQ, trial requests, sales, market share, etc. I've found that the CEOs are interested in this approach to measurement because it shows a direct correlation with their bottom line - which is something AVEs (in isolation) never did. 

1 month ago on Vanity Metrics in PR May Be a Necessary Evil