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 @Econ 101 You may have basic understanding of economy, supply and demand but when it comes to Uber and taxi business in general, it all goes right out of window!

You see, taxi is a very regulated industry so supply and demand have no effect on fares and Uber legally can't adjust prices like they do for black car service. There is also no loyalty in this business, your cab driver will probably never see you again so most cab drivers don't really care if they will pick you up or some random person on the street. Actually, street pick ups are preferred as cab drivers can make more money in shorter period of time and also avoid Uber fees.

It goes both ways, as you stated yourself, you don't care who pays the fee and how much, as long as it's not you.

Also, don't forget that Uber has two types of customers: riders and drivers! While you may see yourself as a paying customer, that's not entirely true because cab drivers are Uber customers too! I'm Uber driver and also Uber user so I understand both sides. Drivers don't work FOR Uber, they simply use Uber to generate more income. Drivers use Uber services which makes them Uber customers too!

It's impossible to keep everyone happy and Uber will inevitably lose some customers but that's all part of business. There are about 3 million potential Uber riders in Chicago and only about 10.000 taxi drivers so Uber wisely decided to lower drivers fees to increase supply and improve reliability at expense of alienating some riders which would ultimately lower demand especially in areas where cabs are abundant and for shorter trips.

So customers in under served areas will see increased availability and reliability as well as customers who value Uber rating system and don't want to take chances with getting in a cab with psycho driver.


Uber service offers great value and I truly believe this is a great move for Uber! I would also second the idea of charging cab drivers for cancellation which would further increase reliability. Even as a driver I wouldn't mind this and it would be only fair as customers are getting charged for no shows as well. You should give the driver something like 60 second window to cancel the fare (in case he accepted it by mistake while trying to go off duty, it happens sometimes) and after that if the driver cancels charge $5 and forward it as a credit to the rider. 


2 years ago on Chicago TAXI Fare Update


I'm a Chicago cab driver who uses Uber to generate more business and I love Uber business model. As for all these complaints about 20% tip and splitting it with cab drivers, taxi companies who are supposedly protecting drivers from being taken advantage off, it's all just pure, simple BS! The beauty of Uber is that it's OPTIONAL! if you don't like it and it's TOS, simply don't use it!

As for the current black car issue, "no meter" regulations were put in place to prevent limos from operating as taxi cabs and stealing fares on the street which makes sense considering the price of Chicago taxi medallion.

However, in case of Uber, they are simply splitting hairs because every transportation company bases their rates on distance and/or time. Uber gives limo drivers and riding public more flexibility (e.g. multiple stops, flexible destinations) which makes it impossible to use flat rates, that's why there is need for a metering system. Technology and needs are changing and rules and regulations should be adjusted to match current needs.

As a cab driver, I don't see Uber black car service as competition. We're in a different price range and black cars are considered upscale and used as such, for special occasions, not as everyday transportation option.

Also Uber helps cab drivers such as myself get more business by simply changing the way people look at Chicago taxis. We all know the stereotype: dirty, smelly, unsafe cabs, rude drivers who constantly talk on their cell phones in foreign languages... Uber changes it all by their simple rating system. Customers know that by ordering Uber taxi they will get a clean and safe vehicle and a polite driver. Contrary to what big cab affiliations want you to believe that Uber doesn't inspect vehicles and make sure drivers are licensed, they do not either!

Uber helps self regulate the industry by their rating system and that is way more than cab affiliations or even BACP does!

I hope BACP will be reasonable about his and change their regulations to allow progress and innovation, and if not I hope Uber will find a loophole and get around this nonsense.

I'm not a lawyer but the way section 1.10a is formulated "“…PPV licensees may not use any device, including, but not limited to, mechanical, electronic, or digital meters/equipment to measure and calculate passenger fares based on distance and/or time traveled.”" it's my understanding that DRIVERS may not use metering device. Uber should simply put a meter in passenger's app  so technically the driver is not metering the trip, passenger is.

2 years, 5 months ago on Proposed Chicago Regulations to Shut Down Uber Black – We Need Your Help!