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Hi Adam,


1. Any chance we can get pagination option? 


2. When you set it to out put only a max of, say, 20, it will still show ALL the Portfolio Set filters even though the 20 that are shown do not belong to some of them, so clicking one might reveal nothing.  It would be nice if it only showed the portfolio sets that belong to the current items that are being displayed; instead of showing all portfolio sets regardless of how many items are being shown.


3. Is it possible for Grid Portfolio to use a resized version for the thumbnail and the full-sized version in the lightbox?  Right now, Grid Portoflio is loading the full size images as thumbs and adds a lot of weight to pages when it could reasonably just use actual WP generated thumbs (of our choosing, small, medium etc).


4. The transition animation as thumbs slide in and out could have a bit of easing and/or bounce just to please the eye a bit more.


Great section, hope you keep developing it.



2 years, 5 months ago on Grid-Portfolio