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If you judge by 2013 records (not always the smartest idea) it' an EZ sate-AFCS was bad, as was NFCE, and ACN was so-so.  The other div champs will be tough, of course... and all those weak 2013 teams could be improved.  Except the Jags, of course.

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@thellamajockey @DougEngland Wow, that is a very interesting idea about PUP for Reggie and maybe trading one of the promising ids to a team whose WR goes down early.... I am sure RW would HATE it--a guy who drives a dump truck to training camp with a hard hat on--he wants to work and get a job done and not be put on a shelf, but it could be the smart move. May depend on schedule, too.

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Totally off-topic, but I just saw a great Grigson quote about Donald Thomas:  "He’s stronger than 9 acres of garlic up top."  This totally makes me wary, of course, because their other flamboyant phrases ("rolling ball of butcher knives"--Pagano on Richardson and "800-lb safe in the middle"--Pagano on Chapman) have hardly been the stuff of NFL legend. We do have a front office with a gift for phrasing things, however. If they start tossing around "caveman neckbeard" we can anticipate a down season for Luck. 

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I'll join the hit parade of happy fans. This I darn good news.

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