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I wouldn't have Bo in my top 10. I love him, and he's certainly one of my 10 favorite Magic players all time, but he wasn't one of the 10 best. He played 360 games for the Magic, and a good chunk of that (3 seasons, only 75 games) was at the end of his career where he was basically a liability. 

There are certainly a lot of ways to rate and rank players, so differences in opinion are inevitable. I'll try not to pretend my opinion is superior.

I'm assuming this means that only one of Hedo, Rashard or Dennis Scott makes the top 10 (probably at the 9 spot). I think all three were better. (Assuming Dwight, Shaq, Penny, T-Mac, Horace, Jameer, DA and Anderson are locks). 

Lewis is top 10 in Magic history in 3 pointers, minutes per game, points per game, TS%, eFG% and win shares per 48 minutes (or 82 games).  He's ahead of Bo in most other advanced metrics. It's close, because he was only here for 3 full seasons, but his impact in those three full seasons was a bit greater. Lewis also was an an All-Star with us, something few Magic players besides Shaq, Penny, Dwight and T-Mac can claim. I guess longevity can trump everything else here though, and Bo wins that.

Hedo is top 5 in total points, rebounds, minutes and 3 pointers. He's top 10 in assists, steals, games played and win shares. Again, I guess it's close, but his offensive contributions in out Finals run were paramount. His recent years with us have been poor, but Bo was much worse during his last 3 seasons with us than even Hedo is.

Scott has the 10th most win shares, and also is top 10 in many statistics. I'd have him ahead of Bo for a lot of longevity-related reasons. 

Bo cracks the organizational top 10 in many defensive/rebounding categories  but he's nowhere to be found in win shares, PER, vORP, EWA and so on. Maybe I am indeed overlooking his defensive prowess, which was no joke. 

I guess after all of that thinking-out-loud I'm a bit less convinced, but I still think I'd leave Bo out. It's a close call though, for sure. Curious to see who checks in at 8. 

2 years, 5 months ago on #ORLrank 10: Bo Outlaw