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Not sure where you get your facts from, but Jameer and Finals run don't really go together.... he was injured for more than half of that season and appeared/ ruined the final team chemistry... Worse decision in franchise history to bring jameer in to a finals situation after not touching the court for 4-5months....  Also in 2009 you can't say he made over 50% of his long range 2's for the entire season when he only played like 33 games that year...... Get your facts right!!!

As much as I have been a Jameer hater (he was the wrong PG for the type of system we were running under SVG... Skip to my Lou was the right type and proved it when everyone but him was avg. 15+pts a game cause he could actually pass the ball and find the open man)... However, I think he is a great fit for the type of team we have right now. Leader, solid pg (not great), mentor, not terrible contract etc etc.

2 years, 5 months ago on Rebuilding with Jameer Nelson