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Sorry for your situation, Brenda. For 32 years, I thought my marriage was normal and put up with my wife's attitude until she got a job that took her away at 5:30pm just after I arrived home. She soon figured she wanted something else. So, I gave it to her. I had to be the one who filed for divorce as she didn't want our friends blame her. I moved back home here to Idaho Falls and started over. I tried to date but just found it to be a problem. Someone later pushed me to go out one more time with someone she knew. I have been happy in my marriage with my new wife of one year. We share so many common things where my ex and I had church and our kids in common. We go everywhere together and enjoy doing things outside of the house. Even watching tv at home is a fun evening of snuggling and laughing. I never knew marriage could be this fun.

2 years, 5 months ago on Mike & Liza's Marriage Ref: She Has Status Update Envy