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Great Article, although having been thoroughly immersed in trying to accomplish certain personal goals over the last couple of months with the education system. I can honestly tell you, you have it wrong. No one on this list has identified what the true problem is in the education system, I can personally tell you about 50% of the problem lies directly on the shoulders of the faculty within the offices, some slightly on the professors but most of the failures happen with self proclaimed "doctors" who hide behind a degree yet all they have ever done in their career is push pappers in the education sector and write a couple of white papers. The faculty, why do you need counselors who are just going to tell you that you are doing everything wrong and reference you to visit sites like for all your answers. Yet these individuals get paid 6 figure salaries (I personally know this but wont publish why). Bottom line, if you want to save money in the education sector and improve our education, start by fixing the problems where the decisions are made, not by blaming students or professors. 

2 years, 5 months ago on Re-thinking education for the Internet Age