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Not too sure that his public image has fully recovered yet, and it's not just about The Decision.  There's still a ton of irrational hate for this guy (see comment below).  Not sure how you compare him to A-Rod....

1 year ago on LeBron James says the decision was the best thing that ever happened to him


Really bragging about breaking a story about speed skating suits?  

1 year ago on Twitter Wars: Richard Deitsch vs Darren Rovell V


Don't care about the fans heckling them; idiots should be expected at any college sporting event and they should have been prepared for that.  But come on, you don't think the Dean and VP stopping them isn't just a bit ridiculous (if it's true)? 

2 years ago on A Duke fan did not enjoy her experience at last week's Miami game | January | 2013


Honestly I think they are right, I like seeing small schools get a chance too but this isn't the same as a Boise or TCU in the past.  That being said, they didn't need to be so outraged about it.  Surprised because Herbie usually has a good head on his shoulders.  

2 years, 2 months ago on Kirk Herbstreit's baseless BCS bashing of Northern Illinois is the "absolute joke"


Seriously, what has happened to this guy since he left SI? 

2 years, 3 months ago on Rick Reilly now looks like an even bigger genius for burying Notre Dame in August


And just like Darth Maul, Keith Law is an evil ahole. 

2 years, 3 months ago on Which Star Wars character is your favorite ESPN personality?