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As a commercial fisherman who does "Take pride in the ocean," and who works with your organization on issues such as Ocean Acidification, regional ocean planning and the implementation of the National Ocean Policy, I find the picture with this blog offensive at worst and misleading at best. Many will never get past that image, which implies that a single small scale fishing boat has led to the devastation of some part of the ocean. The blogs text has some good and useful information for people, so let's not disenfranchise a large part of the population that could be very helpful in restoring and maintaining the health of the ocean.

1 year, 1 month ago on California Ocean Day, A Little Day with a Big Message: Take Pride in the Ocean!


Allison, I'll be looking for you and the American Promise while lobster fishing in Muscongus Bay, perhaps by the Eastern Egg Rock. My gaff is always ready to pick up debris floating in these waters. Fishermen share much of the responsibility in turning the tide of ocean debris. Good Luck!

1 year, 8 months ago on Setting Sail to Search for Marine Debris in the Gulf of Maine


The Ocean Conservancy is certainly a leading voice in those efforts, but let's do this in a unified fashion, excercising strong support for the Implementation of the  National Ocean Policy, which not only makes a priority of coastal restoration but will be the means to accomplish Marine Spatial Planning. Here in Maine I feel fortunate that people from your organization like Susan Little Olcott are working to do just that. As a fisherman concerned with these matters, I'm thankful.

2 years, 5 months ago on In the Wake of Sandy, Thinking About the Future