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My first time visiting the Shrine that is Wrigley Field I spent the big money to sit in row 13 right behind home plate. The 3 ladies in front of me were constantly getting up and pulling the treasures they had picked up shopping before the game out of their bags and gushing about how precious their purchases were. They were not there for the game, it was a social event as they rarely turned their attention to the field. I politely explained I had came a long way to see this game and that is was likely the only time I would get to go to Wrigley  ( i have since returned) and was l rudely and arrogantly dismissed by them. About an inning later I "accidentally" spilled my soda into a bag of their goods and they had to leave to rush to the dry cleaners.

Best game ever!

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What?! No mention of Golden Tate just being stupid?

How stupid is that!

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Smoak, Guti and Saunders can all hiot the road for all that matters. Ackley however has been jerked around by the GM ever since the day he signed with Seattle. Skilled at 1B/OF in college made him the #2 overall pick in the draft and he is immediately told learn a new position and then rushed to the big leagues. The G.M. and ownership is the biggest problem in Seattle. 3 managers in 5 years...what a joke. GMZ far overestimates his abilities and the ownership is apathetic.

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"Win Now".....You never know but I think GMZ knows 2014 is more realistic but shrewdly put together a much improved club without giving up much, let alone any of our prized prospects. Maybe GMZ is simply buying more time for the young core to gain the MLB experience required to become solid, above average players. After all, Jack knows, unlike most fans, that when  these players come up are not All Star caliber, have no MLB experience and takes a couple years at this level to get a realistic take on their MLB skills. The one year deals are a great move to appease fans and allowing an improved team with more power than M's fans have seen in years will at least put a competitive team on the field. There is a good chance that one or more of these one year players will want to stay if they like what Seattle is building and Seattle wants them to return. These are great complimentary players and GMZ can make a bigger splash via FA or trades when the right one comes up. 

But who knows, this team might very well catch lightning in a bottle and surprise alot of folks. It might just be this year. Either way GMZ is looking pretty smart assembling this team while not giving up any of our prized prospects. Good thing the Upton trade didn't go thru though, the price was too high for Upton. I would put together a nice package for Stanton though and I hope Jack can make that happen.


Morales ankle is not a question. It is healed and he showed it last season.

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Matt Yoder...what a pinhead. Maybe this should be called "Top 10 Rants that I know of" 


How can you write a story like this and not know of Lee Elia?  


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