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 @melindabyerley  @buffaloreynolds Ok. So. You can turn the frequency of updates up and down from people you subscribe to and are friends with on Facebook. You can also like and/or close ads in the sidebars, making Facebook better able to serve you relevant ads, er "branded social content," any time. When you do this it impacts all the ads you see, including in your stream, i.e. sponsored posts I think. I think! (Defer to Erin's expertise there.) What's the problem exactly with that? Isn't it just a new ad unit? One that can be highly "loved" if any brand content or advertisement can be loved?  @melindabyerley  you say nothing of brand awareness leading to revenue, which makes me suspicious about the metrics you're using to understand your social media campaigns, especially on Facebook. 

2 years, 5 months ago on Enough with the entitled whining — Facebook isn’t running an advertising charity