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You're missing some key points:


1. Many of these brands have already paid to acquire these fans on Facebook, so the company is charging them twice.

2. Many users use Facebook as an RSS feed, and by clicking "Like" they're subscribing to that feed. What if tomorrow I subscribed to Pando Daily's RSS feed on Google Reader but then never saw any of its stories because Pando Daily wasn't coughing up money to Google? Facebook is essentially misleading its users into thinking they're subscribing to pages when they're actually not.

3. It's not as if Facebook was giving non-reciprocal promotion to these brands. Millions of websites across the internet have plastered Facebook Like and Share buttons, encouraging their audiences to use the platform, and it owes much of its success to that. They also then spent time and effort trying to cultivate that community on the platform. To say, "thanks for spending all that time and money to amass fans, now we're going to charge you money to reach them" is a pretty draconian bait and switch.


Much of your argument boils down to, "It's Facebook's platform, they can do what they want to to make money!" If this is the case, then Pando Daily, as a tech blog, relinquishes any of its rights to criticize any tech company that installs harmful policies toward its users. Will you now post an op-ed accusing those complaining about the iPhone's terrible maps app of being "entitled losers"?

2 years, 5 months ago on Enough with the entitled whining — Facebook isn’t running an advertising charity