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Reasons not to hire Petrino, Mr. Pennington you said it best:


*  Tommy Tuberville hired him at Auburn and then Petrino wound up trying to snake Tuberville’s job.

*  Louisville AD Tom Jurich defended Petrino when “Jetgate” made national news and Petrino repaid him by jumping to the Atlanta Falcons.

*  Arthur Blank was flabbergasted to learn that Petrino had accepted the Arkansas job and would leave his team with three games left to play in its season.  (Leaving goodbye notes for his Falcons players was akin to shouting “So long, suckers” as he grabbed the last parachute and beat everyone else to the door of a crashing plane.)

*  Then came Long whose still in “coaching search” mode eight months after Petrino blew up Arkansas’ season.


Everyone who has hired him has suffered for it, but now you feel it won't happen again. He is a four time loser, and I don't want Tennessee to be his next victim.

2 years, 4 months ago on SEC Athletic Directors: Time To Hold Your Nose, Hire Petrino


Please no Petrino at UT. having Kiffin here for a year was bad enough, we don't need a scumbag like Petrino.

2 years, 5 months ago on What We're Hearing About Those SEC Coaching Jobs