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@steventurous has written a delightful and highly literary review of the James Harden trade.  It reminds me of my favorite moment ever in the history of sports-talk radio.  Riding in my car, listening to the hardened (no pun, please) Boston accents describing the latest sins and despair of the Red Sox, there came a caller with the most highly refined, Boston Brahmin accent you can imagine (where's an audio clip when you need one?) who chastised the Sox for their lack of leadership, poise, and poor choices.  I'd know that voice anywhere; it was Russell Sherman, Artist in Residence at New England Conservatory, and one of the country's finest teachers of piano interpretation and pedagogy.  It was a lovely moment to hear his dulcet tones mixing with the earthy, beer drenched rants of the rest.  Artists and poets see deeply, however, and not only into love, philosophy, and human frailty, but hoops and the old hometown team as well.  Thanks for starting Monday off right with one of my favorite poems and poets, Steve!

2 years, 5 months ago on The Harden They Come