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- Can you explain the relationship between spring pre-load and height adjustment with your coil overs? 

- If springs are linear rate springs how can pre-load affect anything other than height adjustment and stroke length?

- Why do cheaper coil overs (Megan, D2, Tein, etc) have two adjustable spring perches while most high end coil over systems have only the lower spring perch adjustment. I assume it has to do with interchangeable parts between different platform systems to save money. 

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FWD DSM? Anything FWD 4g63 has my vote. I know most DSM's of note are of the AWD persuasion, but there are PLENTY of FWD's running big hp. And with the 2g being dual a-arm, it has loads of grip when equipped properly. I mean, I think we all know A.Brilliant's car.

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Ok, I get the sponsor thing and you want to showcase their product, but you didn't even follow TAKATA'S install instructions for these belts!!! Lots of uninformed people come to this site and will only see the pictures and may use them as a guide to improperly install some of their own harnesses. Most will not see this comment, so I would hope you will do the right thing.


Takata Installation and Operating Instructions - Race Models - Page 4:


Shoulder Belt Routing:

- Shoulder belts must run from the shoulders horizontally or down, at no more than a 20* angle. (Your's are at 45* or greater!)

- For the best restraint of the occupant's upper torso, anchor points should not be further back than 200mm [8"] from back of user's seat. (Your's is much further than 8" as well.)

- In the event that the anchor points are further towards the rear of the vehicle [e.g. using a roll cage bar for wrap around attachment] the distance between the anchorages will narrow or even cross over as described in following graphs.

- It is especially crucial to follow this strap routing when a Head And Neck Support is in use.


- ...If shoulder belt anchor points are further back in the vehicle, the belts should be closer together at their mounting points, even crossing depending on the distance of the anchor points. (This does NOT mean install them wherever the eyelets thread in...)



As I can see from the other comments regarding the improper installation, you are not responding to anything pertaining to your install being wrong. You should either install the belts the proper way as per Takata's instructions or take this post down. Although it is advertising for them, I can't imagine Takata appreciates this.


p.s. - Just because a company sells something does NOT mean it is safe; like extremely thin malleable brackets that hold you and your passenger's lives in their hands. Their website even says "Do not bend back and forth as this will weaken the metal and could result in unsafe conditions..." That does not give me a warm and fuzzy. I certainly wouldn't trust that bracket with my or a loved one's life. 


p.p.s. - The argument that, "just because everyone else is doing it means its ok" is also a joke.


Not trying to be a jerk, just callin it as I see it. Some of this is oppinion, but there's a bunch of fact in there too.



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I wish my name was Dagfin.

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Thanks for posting the Max SpeedHunters!

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The max is a 3150lb (w/driver+wet), 240whp/247wtq NA daily with 0 bump steer and adjusted roll centers front and rear. Its been ordered to daily status since I started building a "real" track car: '92 Evo I (~425whp/400wtq, ~2100lbs, AWD, big aero, custom subframes, control arms, and a converted SLA rear suspension) thats still in build status.

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