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I'm with Mitch on the whole jeans/speaking thing, but you already know that and I know that you know that I would comment on that. 

2 weeks, 1 day ago on The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Mitch Joel


These folks may be on to something. In fact, I've decided to shut off comments and replies to my speaking. No need for me to hear what others have to say. What I have to say is important enough for everyone. 

3 weeks, 3 days ago on Why We Won’t Shut Off Blog Comments


I've always felt like I was a good listener. I've been told I am. I scored well on the test you provided. I have room to improve, but it's easy to look good in this area as the bar is set pretty low by many. I once had a boss who almost always finished people's sentences for them. She was intelligent, but a little impatient. She didn't like to be corrected or contradicted in public so it became a game with those of us reporting to her to see how well we could react to where she took the conversation. Many times she'd finish our sentences and her endings would be way different than ours would have been, but instead of saying something like, "No, that's not where I was going" we'd shift the discussion to her direction. Not the best way to handle the situation, but it avoided the conflict and was kind of an inside joke among some of us. It even inspired me to write a tongue-in-cheek article on what I called Preemptive Listening ( 

Thanks for the post. Great topic.

1 month ago on Listening in Life and in PR