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Great article, thanks Jack!

4 months, 2 weeks ago on The Western Volunteers Fighting ISIS in Rojava


Sitting here watching with my 2 daughters!  Thanks for the great videos!  Keep them coming!

5 months ago on Women: How to Defend Against an Abuser


Outstanding tips! More of this series in different scenarios would be great

5 months ago on What Do You Do When The Fight Starts?


Did 6 years Navy as a Nuke Sub Mechanic and scuba diver, and have 12 years on so far as a career fireman and you are correct... It is the best job in the world.  The disciplines, training and habits gained while serving in the military set me up well to place #1 on the Entry test for my department.

There are many disciplines you can pursue, such as Rescue Swimmer, Technical Rescue Technician, and HAZMAT Technician which further challenge you physically and mentally.

You wont get rich in this job, but many departments pay a good wage and benefits. 

6 months, 1 week ago on Top 5 Reasons to Fight Fires After Fighting America’s Foes


@1tyme I keep my sig near my bed in Condition 3... I have kids.  They all know the rules of gun safety, have shot it, and respect it, but in the unlikely chance something happens, I feel a little better that a ND will not occur.  I KNOW that whenever I pick it up i'm racking the slide... it's just the way I want it.  Seems like that meets Eric's criteria of not doing something "in my sleep" that wasn't thoughtfully intended.

Along the lines of the home intruders... I have multiple "weapons of opportunity" at various locations "hidden in plain sight" that can be employed should I be caught by surprise.  Wether it be a little league bat, bow staff, or large fixed blade knife, I like to have a lot of options in case I am caught off guard in an awkward location of the house.  My wife thinks I'm crazy but my kids think I'm a BAMF.  HAHA

Thanks for the information.

6 months, 4 weeks ago on Biometric Gun Safe – 4 Gun Management Rules


Looking forward to more! 

My specific interest is dealing with civil unrest and financial crisis, ie: no cash in ATM, no food on store shelves, and rioting/looting in a mixed urban setting. 

We live in a neighborhood that borders a busy main street with lots of social services close by... meaning lots of hobos, drunks, druggies and all around unsavory characters.  I LIVE on code orange most of the time, and it can only get worse.

Security for my family and provisions for getting through the tough time just short of having to bug out is my biggest concern.

Thanks for your service.  Navy Submariner vet here...

7 months ago on Prepping 101: Real World Prepping for Real World Problems


Saw an advance screening Thursday in Seattle.  Powerful and well done.  I also was fascinated with the "complex cultural dynamic " that existed between the Afghans, and wished that aspect would have been explored in greater detail, but... Hollywood!  I don't want to spoil anything.  I know I told my wife the story 20 times but she still was in utter shock throughout the movie!  

A few of us made sure the applause continued throughout the entire remembrance time at the end.  I was proud to be a Navy Veteran and Navy diver and grateful to those men who left it all out there.  Far too many Americans have no idea what sacrifices are made on there behalf to give them the freedom they enjoy.

God bless their families.

1 year, 4 months ago on A SEAL Sniper Instructor’s Review of The Movie Lone Survivor


Thanks for the post! Besides being the chief protector of my wife and 4 kids,  I work as a professional firefighter and have had a pistol pointed at me by a feisty old man who didn't want us in his house even though his wife had called us! This will be fun to practice... using my 14 yo son!  You enable us "regular joe" sheepdogs to make our communities a safer place!

1 year, 7 months ago on Tactical Handgun Tip of the Week! (Combatives)


I am sorry for your loss, the family's loss, and this country's loss.  Hooyah Chief, RIP



2 years, 2 months ago on My Friend Chris Kyle: Modern Day Hero Lost


awesome!  I worked in the engine room on fast attack subs, and was also a ships scuba diver, although we wouldn't dare try to lock-out at depth... our depth control was so sketchy, 60' at one moment, 180' a minute later!

2 years, 4 months ago on Old School SEAL Delivery Vehicle (SDV) Training