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B. Lang here,


I see you are mired in a little bit of a slump here, reminds me of the days of after loser after loser.  So for ol' times sake I'll bail you out with a couple of Lead Pipe Locks.  First things first, I thought you were from Strong Island (Don Blaze don't let the guns blaze, dont let the dawg off the chain), why the hell would you bet against the Gggggggggmen?  Victor Cruz is going is salsa dancing all over The Big D.  Gmen in a blowout.   I'll give you one more so all your degenerates can win back all of the money you lost Sunday with a MNF special.   'Zona stinks, I don't care if they beat this years Lombardi winner New England Patriots.   Frankie G (from THE U) will continue to dominate, just like he did last week against the highly touted Shithawks D.  San Fran by two Teeds.  I hope this helps, especially for you guys who have been losing money for the past 3 weeks.  If you are lucky, I'll be back again next week for some 50 dime winners.


Truly Yours,

            B. Lang                                                                                    

2 years, 6 months ago on Gambling State University: Week Eight | Football