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 This writer is totally confused and this case is years away from ever being settled. No appeal has even been launched and this is just a jury to decide the amounts to be awarded Apple. That part has now been done. But until Samsung's long line of semi-trucks loaded with nickels (as the joke goes) pulls up outside of Apple headquarters, the case ain't over!

In fact it's looking more likely than ever, that Apple and fans are going to be extremely disappointed by the final outcome of this series of trials and appeals destined to go on for years. It's SCO vs IBM all over again! ......meaning Apple is SCO suing Samsung as IBM!!! ;-P 

That case was barely alive like, until just recently after SCO exhausted everything in their power to win on it's patents and copyrights..... they didn't even own, we find out. Since Novell never relinquished no rights to SCO when they bought Unix!

Now with Apple we have every single patent in the case, except for 1 claim on one patent being tossed out by the USPTO! :DDD .....I don't think Apple will ever get it. Meaning the money or the fact Samsung has PWNED Apple in all REALITY where it counts the most!!!   .....Global Market Share and Revenue!

For the heretics who believe Profits are somehow the more important;  Microsoft has always made greater Profit Percentages than Apple, because they are primarily seen as a full software company. Where you have little overhead on volume sales of software. It's a write once money maker that continues to give and give for years!

Apple on the other hand.... doesn't really make money on their software. Because it must be installed on their own hardware. Meaning even though they are now saying that OS X is Free like iOS, it's not really FREE. Because I still can't legally install either on my PC or other branded Smartphone!

So Free means FREE...... like in FREE BEER! .....and we'll never see Apple give out anything to anybody for absolutely nothing.... where money always has to change hands to get anything from Apple!

1 year, 3 months ago on Apple And Samsung Finally Rest Their Case


Well I don't think CrApple can get away with saying Google sold User Account Logins! ;-P

2 years, 5 months ago on More Proof Android 4.2 Is Launching With User Account Support?


 @Bird715  Well I guess you're going to tell me that the iMaxiPad Mini looks better? What do you expect here? He didn't even take the pictures and they are not of promotional quality.  To judge it by these low res pics here with it so obviously in used more likely abused condition is just plain asinine to say the least! 


Honest? ......oh right! lol.... that's a troll comment deserving a Anti-Troll reply! ^_*  It's obviously an aluminum back with a plastic grill for the radios to get signals out. The shape has to be more curved now to get past CrApple's "rounded corner rectangular design" patent! ....and I'd buy in a heartbeat. Want to make something of it? hahaha....

2 years, 5 months ago on [Update] Google Nexus 10 Details Leaked, Photos Of Hardware And Software


Actually I think it looks great. But..... lately we have a lot of Apple iTrolls out pretending to Android fans dissing on Android products. I say..... get a life...... if you're really an iCrAppleholic in love with the new MiniMaxiPad! ;-P ....complete with it's iScuffgate Anodized Semi-Impure Aluminum back cover! 



2 years, 5 months ago on [Update] Google Nexus 10 Details Leaked, Photos Of Hardware And Software