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Nice article! I was happy to see you included social responsibility and water pollution. We're heading into the rainy season here in Southern California and with the drought when we do get a good rain our ocean will be flushed with tons of contaminants. We need the surf community to get engaged in being part of the solution in keeping our ocean clean. Too many of us have come to accept staying out of the water for 72 hours after a rain... We should be outraged. If we surf we owe the ocean. Join Surfrider or a Waterkeeper in your area and help out our Mother Ocean.

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Great article! As mentioned by Nick a lot of times the high price point keeps the "better for the environment clothing" out of the reach of many consumers. As a socially responsible clothing manufacturer/entrepreneur myself I feel in order for us to be truly successful we need to find ways to sell organic clothing at a cost similar to that of clothing made overseas from conventional "polluting" cotton. 

At least for us the only solution was a direct to consumer model. Our clothing is Made in California using only organic and recycled materials and our prices are very close to what you would pay for conventional clothing made overseas, and in some cases, like our yoga leggings, less expensive. 

What it's going to take is articles like this creating consumer awareness... and the consumers that can afford the higher price point making the "better for the environment" choice. Just like with anything else the greater the demand, the lower cost per unit. 

The science is pretty clear. We can't continue to make fast fashion, worn for a few months, with loads of chemicals that pollute the environment for decades. Whether it's endocrine disruptors in your undies, formaldehyde in your screeen printed design, or the massive amount of herbicides and pesticides used in growing conventional and GMO cotton, going organic and cleaning up the supply chain of making clothing needs to be done.

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I'm launching an apparel company and I've been looking for ways to differentiate the brand. Seems this would be a pretty cool marketing tool and could create a buzz for my fledgling brand PuraKai. 

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