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 @DSOUL Naturally I may be the outlier here - but I have never really found it easy to get a cab at 1:45 am on News Years regardless of the service (or the price!).  Cabs all stop and take flags to enjoy one of the busiest nights of the years and callers wait and wait.  Limos get booked for the entire evening at a huge rates.  So if pushing the prices up that Uber will pay drivers (a critical distinction) advances the available number of cars for Uber clients, I embrace it so long as we are notified in advance.  I understand that at that point of the celebration, some people may not have been able to digest the information that surge pricing was in effect, that is a learning experience that must be shared.  Uber will presumably improve their communication and you got a ride home when, on this night, it is a difficult task at best.  I total understand your frustration DSOUL but I have no dog in this race as they say. I only have the opportunity to read and review all the postings, expecially from @TravisKalanick  and think the transparent communication from Uber is unprecedented.  It makes Uber feel more like a community than a service when the CEO shares so directly with their clients.  So, I suppose I am just here to say I find Uber 100% trustworthy - exceptionally so.  Not perfect.  Not yet.  But trustworthy absolutely.

1 year, 11 months ago on Surge Pricing Followup


I was really impressed with Uber here in Toronto.  I have only used it a few times in the past two weeks - but love it.  I have found that cars are frequently farther away than the app suggests.  Twice I spoke to the drivers only to find they were miles and miles away - so there was a little wait. However, you notify us when you are about to arrive - and when you arrive - so it is hard to complain.  I still haven't quite figured out how to give a driver my exact address without speaking with him - we get a range of addresses and even though I put my exact address on the location bar, the driver said it was too hard to get his finger on the exact position pin on his phone so he just calls instead. In any case, your explanation on Surge Pricing, your transparency and work to continually clarify how the system works and why is a leadership strategy that ought to be more common.  I'd love to be an investor - I think Uber is going to own the market in cities around the world so long as you maintain an excellent portfolio of cars and drivers (quality as well as quantity).

1 year, 12 months ago on Surge Pricing Followup