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Sarah, good piece but could you - or any of your MG School of Writing cronies - just once write a piece without referencing you, yourself and your clips over and over? Turns out we're interested in the history of VCs caring/not caring about social impact, but don't give a shit if you, Mike Arrington, or Lois Lane was the first one to suggest that investors only care about money. Stick to the "She, He and They" and try editing out the "I, Me and We" a little more. You'll come off more as the skilled journalist and less as the famewhore with something to prove that way. And then someone can write a lede about "Silicon Valley reporters traditionally caring more about their images than the stories they report, but Sarah Lacy proving the exception to that rule."

2 years, 6 months ago on Self-driving education trumps self-driving cars: Thrun goes all in on Udacity with a $15M round