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The DUI section is unconstitutional, unscientific and unnecessary.  It has ZERO to do with impairment. People WILL be wrongly convicted.  Per se laws on cannabis have been rejected by our state legislature twice already, once with an 8 nanogram standard and in their refusal to implement I-502 when they had the chance.  It was passed on to the voters instead.  Colorado legislature rejected a per se 5 nanogram standard THREE TIMES!  Even the King County prosecutors have rejected per se laws on cannabis as arbitrary and will convict innocent people.  This is a set up for more busts, not less.  The DUI section goes into effect IMMEDIATELY.  The TAX/REGULATE is nothing more than hopes and dreams because cannabis is still a SCHEDULE ONE substsance on both the state and the federal controlled substances list.All the cop has to do to bust you is take out his DEA hat and badge.  Our local police forces have cross-jurisdiction under federal drug control grants like HIDTA and others.  Take a look here for just a few: 

VOTE NO and work towards real legalization.  If I-502 was trying to legalize cannabis, they would have addressed this issue.  They refused and it will be the cannabis consumers who pay the ultimate price, especially the growers/processors/retailers who have to submit their information and fingerprints to the FBI in oder to get their :legal" license to grow an illegal product.  Good luck with that.  I know I would never ask my grower to do that for me just so I can pretend to be "legal" when buying an ounce. 

2 years, 5 months ago on Washington I-502; A Chance to Take Some Power Back