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Well, if you don't have FM on the phone, you have to stream.  If you have to stream, you have to use data.  If you have to use data, up goes your bill on some carriers, unless unlimited data plan, unless have access to wi-fi.  All driven by carriers that want for more revenue, nothing about consumers not wanting the feature.

2 years ago on Samsung Galaxy S 4 Won't Include FM Radio


I was part of the RC-48 group and I liked it, but not enough to replace my laptop back then.  Now, with the new update to the OS, the fact that I have less dependence using installed programs (replaced by web-based services and cloud storage), and not needing a cd/dvd drive anymore, I'm considering swapping the RC-48 for this, and leaving the Windows laptop at home when travelling.

2 years, 6 months ago on Google's New Chromebook Laptop Arrives In Google's Play Store For $250