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 @El_Gordo you've added more to the conversation and understanding of the matter than the article itself.  THE NDAA can be over interpreted as overriding the Constitution in detaining combatant citizens and habeus corpus privilege, but how it sits with the law of war in international matters is wholly different and not normally considered by even the informed amongst us.  But, coupled with executive orders that overreach the executive powers under the Constitution, NDAA coupled with hot-headed war-mongers dead set on forcing their will on citizens who stand up for their right to protest, resist oppression of assess to govt and officials, and legal aliens who merely look different will have little recourse once locked away without access to lawyers, communication or basic humanitarian need.  It isn't in times of peace that these issues become critical mass, it is in troubled times, war, insurrection and after elections where the people rise up and excessive force is used and powers or expanded, much like 9-11-01.  We as citizens have much to fear in these times from an insidious creep toward communism or totalitarianism that leads to oppressive use of force, martial law and unfortunately american against american in the name of fighting terrorist that are actually the ruling class that seeks to take away all alienable rights as described in the Constitution but endowed by our Creator.

We are free people, natural persons under natural law, but by signing away our rights through agency with banks, government and private industry we have become enslaved to our "SOCIETY" of maritime law.  It began at our birth when our parents signed us over to the Federal Reserve system as chattel with our birth "certificate" and all our future labors were collateral to pay the national debt (see US bankruptcy of 1933) and our seemingly voluntary participation with the IRS and the Social Security administration. 

Sovereignty is a unique position and a delicate understanding amongst the people, little understood and vilified by law enforcement in many places.  We need to educate ourselves and then those around us.  Primarily, those with authority and power to use force to detain us...i.e. police, sheriffs, marshals, military and covert operatives.  These ever-increasingly weaponized forces bound by law but lead through ignorance and many times fear will respond no better then soldiers in Nazi germany when HITLER called them to round up the jews and catholics and blacks and poles and ...until there were none left to stand up to challenge the dictate.  IS THIS THE LAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE?  or are we under the hand of the rich and the loam of the deprived.  If you are a first-responder, law officer, lawyer, soldier or judge who has taken an oath for service, please stand by that oath and go to and commit yourselves to deny orders against your oath, to refuse to act against your own fellow citizens, to honor and respect the CONSTITUTION AND THE BILL OF RIGHTS.

it is time to stop the tyranny of big government and corporate authority (fascism) and protect our rights and privileges of being free natural  persons.  IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, Lord and savior I PRAY for peace and tolerance, an end to corruption of our governments and restoration of prosperity to our lands and people.  Freedom from monetary oppression under the banking cartels and multinational corporations that seek to force death on the masses through war and disease and usurp our natural resources for profit and deception of the media through misinformation.

GOD OF ALL CREATION, call your angels to right our world and bring justice with mercy to all, provision and prosperity through your will in all things...amen.


2 years, 6 months ago on NDAA Sections 1021 and 1022: Scary Potential