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1 year, 5 months ago on Phins Phocus wins it's first Miami Dolphins Webbie Award


i would love to move on to the draft at this point, however if we were to sign Grimes, I would try to move up the picking order and get Lance Johnson if we were to sign Winston, then I would still stay with Rhodes at 12.

2 years ago on Remaining needs for the Dolphins in free agency


I'm thinking the same thing. Not only are we in need of a TE but Keller was a very good option, but if reports I have read that Keller was asking for J. Cook type money are true, then that would be a deal breaker, but the Dolphins are going to need to fill that spot (from the blocking perspective at least) by converting a player to a non-catching TE if we don't come to terms with Keller, and  the long shot Finely thing doesn't happen.


I am extremely opposed to drafting a TE this year because of the quality so we're running out of options.

2 years ago on Dustin Keller leaves Miami without a contract


I like what's gone on so far, but the ball was dropped last year on a couple of picks most notable was Michael Eggnog... who? That's exactly what I remember thinking and everyone who has a thing about Ireland started raving about what a stud he was. I hope the same thing doesn't happen this year. We could've had TY Hilton last year and what's more irritating is that he is a local guy... C'mon man! Now that we seem to be going in a positive direction, we still must be carefull in freee agency. I hope the true football personnel (coaches) have most of the say when it comes to the draft. I am not a hater nor am I a lover of... just for the record, I try to stay objective.

2 years ago on Dolphins complete first phase of their free agency plan


Yeeeee... Now let's re-sign Fassano and we'll be ready for free agency and the draft. If we make the right moves, play with discipline during the season and we should be hard to stop. Let's de-throne New England once and for all.

2 years ago on Dolphins and Brian Hartline working on a deal


Does anyone know for sure how true is it t Wallace can be somewhat of a problem ala Brandon Marshall. It just doesn't make sense to me to mortgage Miami to get him only to trade him for a lot less like we did with Marshall. I would appreciate any inside scoop at Wallace's rumored behavior issues.

2 years ago on Adam Schefter tweets about a possible Dolphins and Mike Wallace connection


Sign him if we can at a deserving rate. DO NOT use the franchise tag on Smith. Let's just target secondary help in the draft or even F/A. W. Gay just got cut, now that's food for thought or sign a WR and draft Rhodes at 12.

2 years ago on Is Sean Smith worth the franchise tag?


Dating back to even last year, we were not winning those close games. My takie on it,  is that instead of trying to put the game in one play by throwing the bomb from deep in our side of the field,  we have gone for 1st downs instead... some critics would call this "conservative ball controll" with 4 minutes left in the game... I call it winning. Look, that's the way we played throughout the game. We played to our strengths. We don't have Brady, Welker. or Fitsgerald, but we do have Bess, Tannehill, Bush, Miller, Hartline and Fassano among others... Let's continue playing to our strengths, hence, continue winning games.

2 years, 5 months ago on Dolphins discover ability to win close games | October