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2 years, 2 months ago on A Feminist Issue – Culture or Contract?


@blamer @Celia Jane A paradigm shift may not be possible in my life time, or the next, but it is the only thing that will bring about fairness and justice.  You may accept legislative changes that nibble around the edges, but as a man you are not personally faced with the major damage our culture does.  Being female, I can accept no substitute.  I will not be able to say that I live in a just or fair world until this paradigm shift happens.  

Primate brains have little to do with this.  Other primates do not kill and rape the females of their kind.  They don't have deliberate fatal fights between the males of their kind either.  This is a strictly human trait among mammals.  I don't hold out much hope things will change soon.  It will take generations.  The more women become self sufficient from men, the more men will be forced to change if they want women in their lives.  Anything I can do to help in the meantime....

2 years, 2 months ago on A Feminist Issue – Culture or Contract?


I can see you don't understand much about women or feminism.   For feminism, look up feminism 101.  I can't cover it all here and it's not my job to spoon feed it to you.  On women, well, we're all different.  As for Knowles, you already answered you own question.  She is, "simply part of the machine of modern consumerism."  She is the product.

Media and popular culture are very toxic to women.  The images of women portrayed in media are "touched-up" and photo shopped to the point that in Europe it is required by law to note it on photographs in magazines and ads.  Europeans seem to be a little more concerned about healthy images for women.

I was actually surprised that Beyonce is white.  The last time I saw a Beyonce on TV two or three years ago, she was black. I've stopped watching TV and movies because I am so sick of the way women are portrayed.  I do watch some BBC productions.  The women and men on them usually look like actual people.  I don't even watch US news, especially not cable.  The anchor women all have to have long, flowing, preferably blond hair and wear fuck-me clothes a size too small and spike heels.  I know tailoring and believe me, when you see creases around the armpits and across the crotch area, the clothes are too small.  The male anchors are not dressed in such ill fitting, uncomfortable looking clothes.  Why, it certainly can't be cost.

If you want an actual study outlining the harm that media does to women check out the following article:

From the article  Media Exposure as Harmful Cultural Practice (

" a study conducted by researcher Ann Becker where television programming was “naturally” introduced into a population for the first time, and within 3 short years, (between 1995-1998) nearly 70% of the female population were dieting to lose weight, and nearly 75% “felt too fat.” "

For the sake of brevity and courtesy, I will not comment in depth about your total cluelessness (sorry, I don't mean to be rude, it's the most accurate term).   I will say that feminism used to be about the liberation of females.  Now it seems younger feminists will settle for equality.  The difference is that liberation requires a paradigm shift from using male as the norm to something that allows for fairness and justice.  This will require something other than the male norms or definitions.  For example women need maternity leave to go through labor, birth,  and physical recovery from having her body messed up for the better part of a year.  But we got family leave so "parents" can bond with their children.  I know they threw in taking care of a sick family member to sweeten the pot (women are usually the ones who do this anyway), but the whole thing is unpaid.  Women have to take time off to give birth and recover from pregnancy (many women's health is permanently changed by pregnancy and giving birth).  Men can choose or not to take unpaid time off to bond with an infant.  Most don't.  Getting the idea of what a paradigm shift might entail?

Another important point:  Just because a women does something doesn't make it feminist.  Lots of women claim to be feminist to justify things they do.  If those things perpetuate stereotypes or set back the rest of us females, then it isn't feminist.  Women should own up to this.  Posing in your underwear may be personally empowering (if you want to believe that, I've got a bridge to show you), but it is not feminist.  It is not empowering any one else and certainly not women in general.  It is not feminist.  These women should own that.


2 years, 2 months ago on A Feminist Issue – Culture or Contract?


Good Post until  you got to the watering down of the word misogyny.  How do you know Abbott doesn't hate women?  What does having daughters have to do with it?  There are countless instances of men having daughters and wives that they abuse.  The abuse can range from psychological to economic to physical abuse that ends with hospitalization or death.  What is this kind of behavior if it is not hatred?  Also the line between love and hate is very fine, especially among family members. 


I think the Macquarie Dictionary was wrong in changing the definition of misogyny.  It unnecessarily waters down the word.  Gillard's use of the word was entirely correct.  The behavior Abbott indulges in is misogyny.  No watering down of the word is necessary.  I don't know what you perceive as hatred of women, but Abbott's behavior towards women who challenge him fits the bill.  A man doesn't have to go around murdering women to be a misogynist.  I've faced misogyny.  I know what it is.  I don't need a man telling me what words to use to describe my experiences. 


Instead of playing this like a technical problem, which the actual experience of, by the way, is totally outside of your experience, why not listen to the women who experience misogyny first hand.  I'm tired of men being the arbiters of whether women are using the proper words to describe our experiences.  Prime Minister Gillard is an intelligent woman.  Give her credit for being able to use her native tongue properly.  I am an intelligent woman, give me the same credit.


I think the watering down of the definition of misogyny was more likely done to diminish the impact of the word precisely because of it's accurate use by women.  Now it's possible for men to say, well misogyny doesn't really mean hatred of women when it clearly does.


I'm very disappointed by your view on this you are usually an ally of women.

2 years, 5 months ago on The New Misogyny