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R@TerryBrennan The "Holy" Roman Catholic Church was founded by Roman Emperor Constantine I in 325 CE at the Council Nicea as the official religion of the Roman Empire for political purposes. It is Anti-Christian based on Pagan and Satanic Cults such as Mithraism. It's aim is to rule the World as a Theocratic Dictatorship. Even though it's many of its faithful are leaving it still has enough money to carry on and achieve its aims. It is why it has that city/state, the Vatican and embassies in 148 countries plus observer status on the UN. How many other churches have that.

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And who is this John Brennan? A Short Robe Jesuit, a product of the Jesuit Fordham University. Very few Citizens of the United Christian States of America realise that their country is under the Control of the Vatican via the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) and their 28 Universities. John Brennan is one of many graduates of Jesuits Universities that have infiltrated all branches of Federal and State Administrations of Government Agencies.

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Words of wisdom from somebody the Evil Roman Catholic Church detests: a person with a brain who can THINK.

2 years ago on The Hyper-Skeptic Problem