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It gets even better when the CRM is paired with project management software, giving you a better view of your entire company in one, convenient place, and allowing you to track history, relationships, and current projects. It helps you plan and project for the future and build your business higher while allowing you to cut back on time and costs.

CRM at its heart should help you build relationships with your customers, but a good one can also do much more than that.

Brad Hodson


1 week ago on CRM as a Service encourages better business


Very well put. These are all great features for any industry, but I see some huge benefits for this field. I just talked with the secretary at our doctor's office about how much paper they were using for everything. It was all repetitive, antiquated, and downright monotonous.

I actually just wrote an article on my blog about losing the paper trail through using CRM and, of course, mobile software.

10 months, 2 weeks ago on 5 Ways mobile Is revolutionizing medical device sales


Cloud is certainly not a trend, seeing as how the benefits far outweigh any issue against them. I speak, of course, of the newest cloud software with greater security, less upkeep, and better stability. Tools like JobNimbus are proof that cloud software is much more flexible and valuable than on-premise software, though the trick is to also make sure the software is usable. Of course, this isn't unique to SaaS and cloud, but it is a major factor in why cloud adoptions fail.

Many companies aren't looking for simplicity and usability when they search for cloud software, and instead focus on all the other issues found in the data above. Unfortunately, those other issues are only distractions if you never focus on how usable the software is. No amount of features, security, data liberty, etc will be able to compensate for a piece of software that's impossibly hard to use. No adoption will be successful without first evaluating ease-of-use.

1 year ago on Cloud adoption questions – financials & beyond


Companies have a lot of moving parts, and yours is no exception. I'd say if you weren't nervous or hesitant than there is something wrong with you.


Ultimately, the biggest insurance is being able to easily export all of your data into import-friendly files (CSV being the most popular). As long as you can export, transitioning to a new CRM should be easy like Sunday morning, especially if you find a new CRM platform that helps you with importing at no cost.


Ed's right, you've used your best judgment to determine that this is the one you'll move on. Give it a try and see if it works for the next couple months. If not, maybe look at some other tools you didn't see before.


Brad Hodson

JobNimbus -

1 year, 2 months ago on In the Trenches: The Good and Bad Sides of CRM Integration


Unfortunately, feature-to-feature comparisons can only take you so far. A software might look like it's the best on paper, but software vendors tend to stuff their lists with fluff to make them look a lot better. Even then, having a feature doesn't mean the feature is usable, is a good fit, is in a convenient location, or that you'll know how to use it.


You have to try software out before making a solid decision. Sometimes just looking at screenshots can vastly improve your understanding of a software and it's simplicity factor. You do not want to get stuck with software that is uncannily difficult to implement and use, especially when it comes to project management. You'll just have more project management woes.


Look for simple software that you know your team will be able to learn. Something like JobNimbus ( can really improve your effectiveness, while something like Sugar can bog you down because of its complexities.

1 year, 6 months ago on Compare Supply Chain and Project Management Software Side By Side


Your #2 question is probably the most important you have on the list, and one of the top reasons there is still resistance to switching to SaaS. At the same time, this is also one of the biggest selling points for a lot of new SaaS solutions like JobNimbus ( which have security as one of their main development concerns.

1 year, 10 months ago on 10 important questions to ask yourself when evaluating a SaaS Billing System