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Alright first the website not working as nothing to do with android. I dont think they are using android phones as servers. Google did not expect to sell this number of phones in the first place. Nexus is a developer line and not a lot of people are developers. The biggest mistake google made was to get LG to make the phone. So all the inventory problems are probably due to LG not being able to compete the demand or not giving it the priority. You are comparing a phone os to website issues. I dont know what you are trying to prove here. And iphone is not problem free. It just doesnt tell you and automatically sends error reports to apple.And 4.2 is the latest android so i dont know what you mean when you say you cant run apps "anymore". If you were able to then you should still be able to. Its the newest one. And also amazon app store is a third party application and hence you cannot blame android for that. I would like to see apple even allow a third party application trying to take profits away from them. And finally you are sitting here commenting on how a 350 dollar phone is not as good as your $700 dollar apple. Iphone had a 3 week shipping time when it was first launch and it still has 1 week shipping time. So if i were you, i would get my facts straight next time before commenting.

2 years, 4 months ago on UPDATE: Nexus 4 In Stock On The Play Store, Good Luck Getting One....


i dont think they can sue because it is not a same type of business and has no competition anywhere close. so the company can keep the logo. I doubt someone will be confused enough to go buy fruits instead of an iphone without realizing it.

2 years, 4 months ago on Apple logo blatantly ripped off by Italian apple company


St-EVE liked the apple so ate it and used it as his logo. wait her logo. ahhh i am confused.

2 years, 6 months ago on Apple logo sparks religious outrage in Russia