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It must be awesome to work at a publication that will let columnists spout off without talking to original sources. Making baseless accusations is so much fun. 

And if you will recall, I was absolutely right about Groupon.

10 months, 1 week ago on This is fucking nuts: The Street interviews Rocky Agrawal about how smart, uncrazy he is


@BrantCooper @RichardKain I'd argue that a lot of this is a function of the now-now-now focus of the public markets. Most companies don't have the leeway to focus on big, world-changing ideas when Wall Street rewards (or punishes) based on what the next quarter looks like.

This includes pharma, which should have some of the most leeway to do research. Instead of solving for big problems, we spend lots of research dollars on erection pills. (Because that's what sells in the U.S., where you have the biggest pharma spend.)

Companies like Google have more leeway because 1) they mint money 2) their dual-class share structure that essentially gives Larry and Sergey complete authority. But even then, they get criticized by the Street for investing in things like driverless cars and Google Local.

In my own experience, I was working on a product that had better than 90% margins, but we weren't allowed to spend a penny on innovation because we needed to meet the street.

2 years, 3 months ago on Looking back to Henry Ford and ahead to lean startups


@Todd Dunning uh, point 1 is wrong. newly constructed housing in SF (since about 1979) isn't subject to rent control. 

2 years, 3 months ago on San Francisco can become a world capital. First it needs to get over itself


 @RedRookDigital  @fred_ox Uber has a tendency turn everything in to a gigantic fight and make the other side look like an evil villain from a super hero movie, even when circumstances are very different.


DC's TLC seems like the corrupt and evil organization in the back pockets of taxi industry that everyone rails against. But NYC actually seems to have a TLC that operates on behalf of the people.


Many of the rules have consumer protection benefits. (e.g. requiring that cabs will take you anywhere within city limits,  requiring that they can't pass you buy if you're trying to hail,  etc.)


In this case, the TLC has said that there is an exclusive contractual agreement with VeriFone that needs to be honored. 


I'm all for innovation and pushing companies and governments to be better, but I hate it when people reflexively jump to notions like all startups are brilliant and entirely good and all governments are stodgy and evil. (Good on @nathanielmott for actually presenting a fairer account than most of what I see.)


NYC's TLC mandated GPS in every cab. They mandated that every cab take credit cards. (And they put the card readers in the back with the passenger, making it harder for drivers to pretend that the reader doesn't work.) They cracked down on drivers that were using the wrong fare class.

2 years, 6 months ago on Who’s the real bully, Uber or New York?