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Hey, what's up with the da reds?  do us giants fans think they are great?  I keep talking to other fans and they respect the reds after our 1st 2 games.... what?   and whats up with hating on the teams we crushed to pieces in the 2010 glory of all time for SF.  More  people hate the Phillies and Rangers, when those teams couildn't hit against our superior pitching(wasn't it great to beat Roy Holiday, who is too old vs Timmy, plus he had  2 no hitters, something Timmy will do reapeatingly, so the PHils thought they had Cy young himself on the mound, and even though they knew TimmyL was our ace, and 2 type current cy Young winner, they thought the had bought(thru a stupid 4 prospect trade for RoyH) the bes pitcher in baseball(noteven close) Timmy had been better than Roy H, certainly thru 1st few years8=(roys was demoted, to minors!  and had to reinvent himself to return to the minors,) plus he's only won 1 CYoung(w toronto) and he stole it from Timmy in 2010.   I mean, really who would any body rather have, Roy H at the end of his carreet(he's 34 next year!) or a young , easy going , study like Timmy.  Roy H would be embarrased etohang out wtih, he can't relate to the  young people, like Timmmy can is part of.... time to retire roy holiday, philadelphia, you should have drated Timmy , traded up, rather than dump your farm to get 1 at the end of run former cy young*( yeah I know pbhillly will say they we in a slump(what all year?)  there's no comparison btwn Rimmmy and Roy(quiet redhead) 


2 years, 6 months ago on NLDS: Dominance and Redemption for the Giants in Ohio | October