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I feel you,I really am! I'm trying to live a healthy life,but I'm sick at least once a month and I was always punishing myself for it. Once I took a spinning class with high fever and I just fell off the bike. Everyone was horrified and the doctor said to me: ,,A human body knows,what it wants and it will show you. If it's sick,it needs to rest. If you don't feel like walking the stairs,you shouldn't,because you're body would get more and more damage and some point it stops healing itself. You are healthy,you've just got the flu,the exercise and the bikiny body can wait!"

Since then I don't push myself. I work 10 hour shifts without sitting down,sometimes 3 days in a row,so I've learned,that my body needs to recover after work,before the workout. I'm 2 times at the gym/week and I make my 30min arm-back-chest workouts at home,it works well so far!

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