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Theres a couple of the top cloud players claiming their part of the Uppernet Network, Verizon was just the first to run a multi-million dollar campaign on Uppernet. It even came on the Superbowl...kinda took the mood off the funny commercials, we all went into a what the heck! reaction, well said on title. I personally thought the commercial was the perfect intro to what could transend into the new internet. I see a trend for businesses in general to the cloud searching for top level security, and that's the idea of the Uppernet. I've personally have read that Uppernet word refrenced in Annual Statements for a couple of the big Uppernet security cloud, Verizon, Microsoft, Amazon, Google and forgive me if I missed any Tough Cloud out there but point is this seems to be an ideal transition for businesses that value there corporate intel from data breaches. Check out the stuff on that HIPPA approval for Verizon's Cloud, that sounds like maybe there could be a big move in health care data soon. Where businesses follows, so will the money...and hackers ;)



2 years, 6 months ago on What The HECK Is The Uppernet From Verizon?!