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$630K for sitting and watching other people get pounded and stomped until their bones are dust sounds like an ok job. I would do it for half that. In fact I already do it every Sunday. So show me the money.

1 year, 5 months ago on 49ers RB Anthony Dixon complains about role on Twitter


As sure as the sun will rise, Bruce will do something like this again. And you can't debate him on his show any more you can truly debate hosts and talking heads on any FOX news program: You don't get to debate, you get to be bait. So I would survey the ranks of female martial arts champions and stage the "debate" with the pudgy, pasty flyover transplant in a parking lot.

1 year, 5 months ago on Debating Damon: which woman would you choose to go on Bruce’s show?


@HarryPeterson I love having Lincecum here. It isn't just the no hitter -- over the past two months he has been steadily improving, adjusting to the type of pitcher he will have to be in the future. In fact you could say that there's been an upward curve from the middle of last season til now. If he's at least a #3 or #4 starter, I want him here. Whether the Giants and he can agree on $, don't know. However, if they're going to trade him, now would be the time. Don't want them to, don't believe it will work out for them if they do (any more than the Wheeler-Beltran trade did). But afterglow of no-no is the trading moment in the sun.

1 year, 9 months ago on Trade Tim Lincecum. Really. Do It.


If that's the Giants' plan, they need to get Lincecum into the bullpen right away -- and he needs to be as effective in that role as he was during the 2012 postseason. No team needs a homer-tossing walkaholic reliever any more than they need one as a starter. And although the Marlins and Royals (and Agent Ned) do exist, it seems unlikely that any team would believe that changing roles automatically elevates Lincecum's current skill level. Nobody has really explained his brief success out of the pen after a miserable year; it's not like he suddenly threw 95 mph with great command. So most teams probably assume his dominance was, as Sabean would say, a "lightning in a bottle" event that's not repeatable or sustainable. The only way to fire up the market is to prove that assumption wrong. Get him into the pen and trot him out for multiple inning appearances a couple times a week starting now. If he dominates, a trade (of him or another reliever) is viable. If he continues to blow up, the Giants are no worse off than they are now. 

1 year, 10 months ago on Trade Tim Lincecum. Really. Do It.


While listening to McCarver and (omg) Joe Buck is indeed a terrible endurance contest (will interest in the game outweigh revulsion and IQ depletion?), I believe McCarver was making a wee joke with the John 3:16 thing.

2 years, 6 months ago on Tim McCarver Challenges the Theory of Intelligent Life on Earth | October