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>>They want real, actual New Yorker-style long form journalism.


I don't believe it.


In addition to Twitter-killing word counts, "real" New Yorker journalism involves airplane flights and fact checkers and multiple bouts with copy editors and long stretches of time and yes -- a living wage for talented writers.


Maybe even a few copy editors.


In other words, I don't believe Tumblr is really interested in ponying up the real costs of "New Yorker" journalism; like so many "maturing" online publications they're seeking the credibility and prestige of New Yorker style journalism, not the investment.


In two recent phone calls, magazine editors dropped the now-dreaded "New Yorker" phrase as if held some totemic power. In both cases, the money involved wouldn't have begun to cover a writer's time (unless sub-minimum wage had become a financial goal).


Even if they found a writer willing to work for spare change, there were no copy editors and fact checkers.


In other words, the online world's reverence for "New Yorker-style journalism" is heartening, but it's more aspirational than reality.

2 years, 5 months ago on Suddenly everyone wants New Yorker style content. Only one catch: Who is going to write it?