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 @MySmile I LOVE how you've incorporated the walk to/fro the gym, and normally would never discourage that, but in your case because you're a busy student traversing a lot of campus area anyway, I'd say it will help you more than hurt you (timewise) to leave your apartment with all you'll need to keep it moving.  Live Well 360 has a more compact bag than the one you see featured above in the picture, called the Core bag (same Luxx link in above post will take you there), which is perfect for a student because it has enough room to hold your laptop or iPad, class notebook and a few textbooks, plus change of clothes and some toiletries, in addition to your phone and whatever else you'd carry in a purse.  (If you're like my daughter, a broke college student, you'll save your $$$ and put it - or a similar quality bag - on your holiday or birthday gift wish list, and let family/friends chip in to get it for you!) Ask yourself:  do you really need to carry 3 separate bags around campus (purse, bookbag, gym bag)?  Consolidate.  With the Core bag, or a similar but more affordable model you source yourself, you can wear it like a messenger bag and ditch the others.  Get yourself a small cosmetic bag-type clutch and throw that in there, and forget the separate purse.  Also consider learning to work out in minimal footwear (put that one on your gift wish list, as well), so you can ditch hauling those heavy sneakers to the university gym, and pack even more lightly.  


I actually also own the smaller Core bag, so I'll do a demo pack of that in a separate post, to show you and all the rest of the students how to leave your dorm or apt with just one bag, for everything you need for class, gym and library.  Good luck with your studies!  And your fitness plan! 

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 @Karla Vita-Mix is perfect.  I use a Blendtec, another commercial-power unit.  I realize not everyone can afford it, but it really makes a difference, especially in breaking down frozen ingredients.  Those who are working with a regular household blender might need to thaw the frozen ingredients first.  (I literally blew out the blades and motor on 3 other cheaper blenders, at approx the same combined cost, before finally getting wise and deciding to invest in a higher-quality unit.  But because I prepare and eat a lot of whole foods, and use my blender to make hummus, nut butters, ice creams, homemade soups, etc, I feel I get my money's worth)  


Re: your Vega One question:   that's the meal "base" of the whole shake (and where all the listed vitamins, minerals, greens, antioxidants, etc come from) so I can't really recommend cutting it out, unless you have a whole plant-based meal supplement powder to substitute in its place.  Word of warning:  there are others out there that are cheaper, but I've tested them and to me, they taste foul.  Everyone's tastebuds are different, though, so you may find it OK.  Check your local health food store.  You can usually buy little packet-sized servings so you can try it out before you invest in a whole tub.  Not the most cost-effective, and you'll get the cheapest bulk prices on Amazon, but those single-serving packets are another option.

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Hi, Christelyn - please include me on the guest list.  Thanks!

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