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C'mon John. Alabama has had 8 changes in the categories you listed over the same time period. Extend that time period another 5 years and it is even worse. Auburn? More than 9. Would you classify those programs as dysfunctional? Stating that the fans drove Martin away is just not accurate. The fact is that the AD not being willing to offer Martin a increase in buyout protection is what led Martin to leave. You can continue to trumpet the fan angle to drive page clicks and comments, but it is not accurate. Was the petition ridiculous? Absolutely. Was a fan base being upset with the performance of the team mid season out of line? In no way. Speaking of his post season success this year as if they happened at the same moment in time as the fan displeasure with performance is poor.

You, living in Knoxville, know exactly why Green was fired. To act as if it was unwarranted because he made NCAA's I just don't understand. As far as Devoe goes, you conveniently leave out the fact that he went 5 years without a NCAA appearance, Tennessee just built a huge new stadium for basketball that was mostly empty, and that in his last NCAA tournament game Tennessee was destroyed by West Virginia in the first round. I know you are close to Don as he is on your show, but let's at least portray things accurately.

One last thing. Dave Hart does not ahve to hire a "wow" coach as you state above. he did not with Jones. He just has to hire a coach that produces. 

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1 week ago on Martin’s Departure Has Tennessee Chasing Its Tail Again