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I don't think I'll ever forget this injury and the timeline of events that ensued throughout the game, throughout the Garden, and throughout the internet as well. I was never a big Celtics guy, but I can honestly say for the past 4-5 years Rondo has been on a list of 10 players I would make sure I caught live or would tell friends, others to make sure they go see (more often than he was towards the top half of that list.) I even bought an authentic Rondo jersey a few years ago so this was tough to hear (and see happen to him.) There wasn't going to be another banner year no matter what, but this injury certainly feels like an end to a great chapter of basketball in Boston with the run of the Big 3 (or 4.) It will also bring a necessary turn of the page to the Celtics franchise as they turn to young guys like Bradley, Sullinger and maybe Melo and Jeff Green as well as look to add additional pieces to the mix.

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I won't make any argument against not liking JaVale because of the countless things he either fails to do or does wrong, but those bright moments which you get AT LEAST 3 a game of in the 20 or so minutes he plays are REALLY, REALLY FUN. And yeah, even some of the ridiculous things like goaltending a shot 20 feet into the stands I can get being mad about or not enjoying, but how many people could even do that? It's a combination of the things he does well and the glimmers of hope/prayer that he may figure it out and start to do or realize the benefits of doing the little/important things such as boxing out. Even when he does something unbelievably wrong and there's a cut-scene to George Karl with his head down, grasping for hairs to rip at, he always looks like he's really trying (or at least the Pierre in him thinks he's really trying.) 


I also agree with the first comment that there is noone with his height and wingspan that possesses the amount of athleticism he does and he's only 25 with not even a full season out of Washington/under George Karl so why not root for him to figure it out and one day become an all-around player?


RT Basically what I am saying is #TeamPierre and Happy Birthday JaVael

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That segue from concession stand into Eddy Curry's debut is too perfect

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This was great. I've always had a huge love for the game of basketball and more specifically the world of the NBA, which offers a game within the game most other sports and league's don't. The team-centered sport that focuses on these multi-millionaire mega-athletes who have a face that everyone knows and everyone can see. It really offers a glimpse unlike any other. Unfortunately, I've never had a real "community" or even a group to share this love or engage in conversation/debate with, nor was I ever that great at organized basketball. I always wonder why this was because my second cousin played and is now an assistant coach on Notre Dame's men's team and his father played and had his # retired at Villanova and went on to play in the NBA & ABA a few years.It wasn't until a few years ago I realized, "ya know, I never really learned how to play basketball." I played all throughout elementary school and did not learn one fundamental.


 Growing up in Southwest Philadelphia the people with the biggest mouths had the littlest to back it up. I was never a Sixer's fan, but I was always and still am Andre Iguodala's just because it hurt me and didn't make sense that people didn't appreciate what he does. Yeah, he makes a gagillion dollars more than I could ever think of, but people just don't realize that your puny little words can still hurt, effect, or cause disdain to this athlete, who is a person.


Aside from peering through ESPN, Yahoo, Golden State Warriors blogs, and really anywhere that offered something about basketball i could read I didn't really get the "blogging" world or what a blog was even if and when I was reading it. I knew it was a thing, but the "thing" was and kind of still is so mystifying to me. I joined twitter prior to last season and it was the first time I really came across and got to engage with people that shared the love I did.


It also made me realize how little I really know. I was used to people always looking to me for the answer about basketball then all of a sudden I started following all the bloggers from across twitter-basketball universe, and it seemed like everyone knew how each advanced statistic worked like it was so rudimentary it was scary. 


I always try to engage with you guys (the bloggers) and probably clog your mentions with Ersan Ilyasova propaganda or other things that only excite me and a few others, so I apologize for the clutter, but you guys are motivation. I can't express my angst and disdain toward and office job or really the whole standard 40-hour work week any more properly than you did, "I couldn’t stand asking someone how they were doing and hearing them respond with “well, it’s Monday,” like it’s acceptable in any way to ask a feeling question with an answer of what day of the week it is." It's just so sad to me that people live that way and don't think twice about it. I may have realized this a little too late in life, but I don't want to do something for a living, no matter how much earning-potential there is if I am not happy with myself and share a love for what I am doing. 


The past few months I've really been struggling with the thought that I'm soon enough going to have to cave in and be miserable in life so I've been peering into Journalism school as a means to an end, not really sure how or if that will work, but i just wanted to let you know how much I can relate to some of your early steps and it's some motivation I really needed.

So thanks and good luck with your future at CBS

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