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Wow that cb Richard Sherman is one very arrogant cocky player.Thats something to trash talk to the opposing team's QB after he lit you up all day and then you win on a long TD pass and he gets in 3 time SUPERBOWL CHAMP Tom Brady's face.But then again the seahawks have won let me think ok got it ZERO SB'S.Over the years since 05 what 1 playoff appearance maybe 2.Big bad seahawks and their dreadlock defense will get hammered on the road starting in Frisco thurs.They already won 1 game on a bad call.Yeah richard sherman,thug wanna-be,bet he wears his pants down by his knees.all-Trash talk 1st team what a joke the seahawk organization is.

2 years, 6 months ago on Week 6 - Seahawks Win! | October