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I have to wonder if it was in their marketing strategy to alienate their loyal fans by running a promotion then backing out of the fulfillment of the credits they promised. I guess when they have a zero profit margin, they can't afford it. I think arrogance or stupidity is running rampant at Sole Society. They either thought they would run this big promotion, that would obviously go viral and then not pay out. Or they didn't realize how big it would become and couldn't afford to pay out. Either way, to delete posts and block users asking about the contest (the subject they have avoided like the plague), and to blame it on the group as a whole saying they cheated is morally wrong and quite frankly poor customer service. They're trying to build a fan base. This is not the way to do it. Perhaps you could interview Mr. Markinson and inquire as to his strategy on this promotion? Might make for an interesting story.

2 years, 6 months ago on Sole Society Trades Margins for Awareness with Nordstrom Partnership