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The frustration with the "tiny strike zone" was that it was a strike zone only for Drew.   The CW that is being bandied about in St. Louis is that the zone frustrated the Nats because it was different from the day before -- the Cards adapted and we didn't.  If that were the case, I'd be OK with that.  BUT, THAT'S NOT THE CASE.   Marquez actually called an accurate to loose game through the 9th - mostly accurate, with the exception of a little bit of room on the black, esp for low and high pitches.    In the 9th for Drew and ONLY FOR DREW, the low strike in the zone went away.  That should have been strike 1 on about 3 batters, but Drew started Ball 1 and was always behind.  THEN, on several strike 2 and (what should have been strike 3) counts, the bit of room on the black went away.   Drew was defenseless -- McCatty told him not to be so fine with his pitches and then crack -- hard hit ball off Desi to tie and then crack, hard hit single to right.  No way anyone should doubt Drew as a closer because of this.  999 times out 1,000, he gets most of those strikes 1, 2, and 3, and we win.  Drew is still the man.


I'll handle a loss, but only a fair one.   Did the ump not want to decide the game based on a called strike?  Had the Cards pressured him because Drew got some (within the game consistent) latitude in Game 1?  Either way, Drew had not chance.   The umps handed the Cards the Wild Card and then handed them the series against us.

2 years, 6 months ago on Let it burn...Nats fans