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This is a great post. Distilling the marketing idea is something that so many companies miss, and more and more we are resistant to the shouting throngs yelling "BUY OUR STUFF". People want to sign up for the latest social media platform, but the platform really isn't that important if they don't have what I call an "Idea package" that people will share.

Social media messaging is a lot like telling a joke. People will only pass it along if it is a joke THAT THEY WANT TO TELL. they pass along a message if they can "own it". Here is a joke for you:

Q: Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?
A: to end up in a KFC succulent doubliscious sandwich

I guarantee that you won't retell that joke (Unless you are trying to make the same point).

I think one additional challenge is the Improvisational one. A small team can improvise and respond quickly, but when the changes need serious dollars in new messaging, changed/fixed product, those decisions are VERY hard to make. A PR disaster hits, even if you know how you SHOULD respond, how do you get a large company to take that action quickly?

4 years, 1 month ago on Everything I Know About Marketing I Learned from ‘Inception’


I grew up loving art. I think there is nothing that can tell you about an artist as much as standing in front of a canvas. This project is really quite amazing, I can take a virtual tour of one of my favorite museums in Madrid (Museo Thyssen - Bornemisza) without leaving home.

One thing this project lacks though, is distance. There is an appropriate viewing distance to appreciate a work of art, a distance that is not in the details. When you see a Rothko, it's not just squares of colors, it is the size of the work and how it relates to you that is most impressive. Monet's impressions are best caught from a few feet away and Velazquez's "Las Meninas" is impressive from 20 feet away.

So I guess what I am saying is that this project is great, and amazing and a fine opportunity to study brushstroke, but we still get a reason to go to the museum.

4 years, 1 month ago on The Google Art Project, Free Access to Museums


@timjahn Also consider other communities like Vodpod, Devour and PopScreen. which I don't know much about yet.

One other point. I have heard services like Tube Mogul can actually get you blacklisted from google's searches or at least tossed to the bottom. I don;t know if it is true though, and would like to do further research on the matter.

4 years, 5 months ago on Using the Power of Video


One more thing:

Consider YouTube, Vimeo and the like as Social Media sites, not just places to put content. While you can do just that, they have their own superstars, culture and ways to connect via commenting and video responses. Embedding video in Facebook makes it easy to show your friends, but embedding a youtube video in Facebook makes it live in two platforms. You tube is also more searchable, and easier to track. (though Vimeo has higher quality).

Consider VideoPress if you want Youtube-like functionality, but want greater control of privacy.

4 years, 5 months ago on Using the Power of Video


great stuff Gini.

Video watching takes up more bandwidth than any other activity on the web. This suggests that it is the most used thing, but by it's very nature watching one video takes orders of magnitude more bandwidth than reading something.

Now could you convince people that once in a while it is worth while to hire a professional for their video? *winking emoticon*

My biggest suggestion for first timers filming themselves is to use indirect sunlight as your source. You will look healthier and brighter.

I know one photographer who does headshots for models and actors and she does 90% of her shots in a garage with the door open. Cheap cameras struggle in low light, but do great in well lit areas.

4 years, 5 months ago on Using the Power of Video