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@Resume_Writer Doesn't it scar you though!? I don't think I wanna know everything my wife and my friends and my family does. Not that I am hiding anything, but I do want to retain some of my privacy as an individual. Kenneth Gergen argued back in the 90's that we, as individuals, were reaching social saturation... and that was back in the 90's. I agree with the man. imagine what this new advancement will do to us as social individuals, if we have no more privacy... of any kind. Yikes!

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Yes!! Finally someone is concerned with Net Neutrality!!! THANK-YOU!
Nowadays, people do EVE-RY-THING with the Internet, and what platform do we ALL use to access it: Google. Aren't we already Googling information instead of searching for it? Google is the new Kleenex, the new Xerox, the new... you get my drift.

Imagine a world where you have to pay for speed access, where accessing a small local hyper-specialized bookshop's website takes twice as long as logging onto because the owner can't afford it. All of a sudden, Google and Verizon thwart everything the Internet is about; thwart innovation; and thwart what made them the underdog at the beginning and giants now.

We can't let Google and Verizon transform the Internet into cable TV.

I posted something on this very subject a couple of months ago:

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