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SEC sitting so pretty it is ridiculous.  Wielding Darth Vader power over the national collegiate landscape, will they pick off teams from the Big 12 or ACC?  Could we see a team from the Big 12 get around the 13 year grant of rights (GOR) by agreeing to play no home games (only neutral site and away games) to get into the SEC.  Is that even an option to get around the grant of rights - not playing any home games.  If someone agreed to those terms that would be quite a statement about how much teams want to be in the SEC.  Please rip my logic in this paragraph apart, as I would like to know the truth about grant of rights and whether or not Texas actually has an "escape clause" as had been rumored recently.  What a statement it would be also if the SEC ever split up the two biggest basketball rivalries by having UNC join (already split up Mizzou and Kansas).  That would be Vader-like.


Are you saying the new playoff system is more likely to include 4 or 5 conferences?


Too bad that Tulane isn't listed in the top 80.  I had seen them as the 20th team for the ACC.  15 Notre Dame, 16 Navy, 17 UCONN, 18 Rutgers, 19 Army, 20 Tulane.  I think that Navy will join in full with ND in 2015.  And i think that 18 (three 6 team divisions with a wildcard playoff; two 9 team divisions can be done but would also cause difficulties) is a really difficult number for a conference than 20 (four 5 team divisions), otherwise UCONN and Rutgers would be more likely.  The negative is that UCONN and Rutgers would probably decrease overall revenue for the conference. 


I think they would only be likely to become members if the NCAA forced a movement to 20 team conferences, as hinted at in your article.  I just don't see who else (other than Tulane) that the 20th member could be.  Unless the ACC waits 26 years for Penn State's grant of rights to expire, or Baylor, Vanderbilt, or Texas.  I think the likelihood of those 4 are too small to discuss seriously (b/c they won't happen).  Most fans would prefer Louisville (including myself), but they are ranked the same as West Virginia by US News and World Report (#164) - so it won't happen.  Cincinnatti won't happen either - think they are ranked in the 130's.  The options really aren't that viable after #18 Rutgers.  Don't think Army and Tulane would really move the bell.  And, of course, there will be no Navy unless it is a deal for Notre Dame to be a full conference member.  


If you are saying only 4 conferences at the table, then I assume the ACC will be under the gun again with folks hoping to destroy the conference and distribute the teams to the great SEC and the crappy (from my perspective) Big Ten (B1G). 


On a side note:  Already looking forward to the Fedora Spurrier classic in Columbia - 1st Thursday 2013

2 years, 6 months ago on MU’s Alden Says He Expects More Conference Shuffling