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This felt like a preseason broadcast on NBC's part.  Marv was okay, but not great.  Sugar Ray Leonard was great, Al Michaels seemed expendable.  That being said, NBC did a great job of conveying the feel of the arena, and they got lucky that the second fight was a spectacular one.  (The first, and the third that was on NBCSN were not as entertaining.)

I'm not at all a boxing fan, but I do appreciate good live sporting events, and this one was enough to make me look forward to the next one(s).  Totally agree that this is a long slog for NBC to build.  Also interesting that there were occasional promotions for future boxing on CBS properties.

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For us laypeople, how many households (or viewers) do each of those shares represent?

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Even better, last night (Sat, 8/2), MASN lost power to its truck, so DC viewers were "treated" to the Phillie's broadcast feed (with no graphics, including the score, just a single MASN logo) from the third inning on.  Lots of conspiracy theories (shocker) on twitter...

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Ray Hudson is a huge hockey fan. I am *sure* it could be possible to pair Ray and Doc for a tune-up or preseason match, in either of their sports, somewhere.  This is not Barkley and Vitale here.

Make it happen!

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This is huge.  I can't wait to use Amtrak on the Capitol Limited to ride back to DC on the GAP & C&O Canal Trails!!!

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I like Kenny Albert, he does a great job, but I was very impressed with John Forslund. I hope that he continues to work his way up the ladder there.  Joe Micheletti, particularly during the Stars-Ducks series, was absolute torture on the ears during the game.  Surely there is a better color man from the other 29 teams?

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This is the equivalent of Deion Sanders being allowed to tee up on Tim McCarver, or Mike Milbury lining up for hits from........just about any hockey player.  I can't blame Brett Lee for doing what the vast majority of Commonwealth Country athletes have been wishing they could do for years!  Great job by the 9 network handling it, too

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If Verne saw (and called) more great events like this one, I'd have no problem with that.  He and Gary Danielson did a fantastic job of calling this one. 

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I really wish that NBCSN would get Joe Beninati back into the mix working with Andy Brickley, or any of the other color folks.  John Forslund was really not up to the task calling the game last night, and Joe B isin the top 5 in the league to Doc Emrick, and maybe the Blackhawks crew, among others, for calling live action and not getting behind or taking "smoke breaks" to catch up to the action.

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I think that one of the key draws of MLS is that US cities have a team to call their own.  Televising a national game of the week in any sport featuring big market teams doesn't dampen then enthusiasm for the local franchise (unless their w-l record has already done that for them), and minor league baseball is not hurt by the attention that MLB gets in its markets.

I love watching EPL matches both because of the big stars (including a couple of American ones) that play there, but also enjoy MLS to see how games affect the two teams I follow, the Timbers and DC United. 

If NBCSN is producing its own content, they also have considerable motivation to cross-pollinate (however subtly) the product placement between the two leagues, and the beauty of highlight shows is that they can always be pre-empted by live events. 

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JRlanger beat me to it...  Charlie Slowes can be a bit cheesy at times, but he really nailed this one...  Dick Stockton seemed like he was just happy for the game to be over so he could get to happy hour.

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